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Thanks to the following volunteers who form our Snellville Days Committee and are not only planning our festival all year, but working in our volunteer spots for 3 days:

Bob Davis (Chair), Alice Snipes (Vice-Chair),  Susan Chappelear, Dave Emanuel, Kathy Emanuel, Maria Gardner, Mary Jane Gresham, Rose Gros, Regina Hart, Judi-Ann Harvey, Kelly McAloon, Marcia Mitchell, Debra Pennington, Marcy Pharris, Tricia Rawlins

Your challenges are great and your rewards are few.
We thank you!!

Snellville Volunteer Application

Park Advisory Board, Snellville Days Committee, Parks and Recreation Employees. Picture taken January 6, 2015. Names for large group shot in the photo rotation above: Pictured:Front row: Bob Davis, Marcy Pharris, Regina Hart, Second row:Mary Jane Gresham, Kelly McAloon, Lisa Platt, Alice Snipes, Maria Gardner, Third row: Dave Emanuel, Debbie Puette, Kathi Gargiulo, Kathy Emanuel, Wayne Odum, Simon Cole, Bobby Howard.  Not pictured: Leslie Beck, Brittany Marmol,  Judi Ann Harvey, Karen Ott, Tracey Glass, Rose Gros, Susan Chappelear, Tom Witts, Butch Anderson, Marcia Mitchell, Debra Pennington, Meghan Purvis, Keith Scott, Sean Tuten, Brian Warner, Christina Watts



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